The Farmer. Fled from Rome, he has been living for years in the remote countryside of Viterbo. Having lost all forms of social life in time, an internet connection is the only means of communication with other human beings. Plants and animals, on the other hand, are approached directly. Enrolled in the faculty of electronic engineering at the university of "Roma Tre", in 2000 he decided recklessly to abandon his studies to 6 exams from the degree to devote himself to 3D graphics as self-taught: 3D graphics schools did not yet exist at that time. Being referred to as crazy by relatives and friends, the only possible refuge he could find was the rendering. The fields of application as a freelance professional have been the most diverse: reconstruction of archaeological sites (Techvision), animation of satellites ( ESA), documentaries (Voyager), commercials (Cartoons on the Bay), and finally prototypes of Games. And so also the softwares: 3dStudio, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Cinema4D, Unity, C#. The price to pay was clearly sanity. Over time, the activity has also expanded to the field of teaching working for the main academies of Design in Rome (IED, RUFA, NABA), training institutes (Quasar, ITS Rossellini, CEFI) and other online realities (Volta, Udemy). He manages the Digital Leaf portal of online courses on 3D graphics with the ambitious goal of giving a dignified meaning to polygons and rendering.

Francesco Ugolini

3D Graphics Designer